Sale of technical equipment and waste containers

Import and supply of specialized equipment

SORIKO Ltd. is proud of its excellent affiliated companies relationship with
some of the best international companies – manufacturers and suppliers of high quality specialized equipment.

SORIKO Ltd. is the official representative of COSECO – the world’s leading company in the production of specialized equipment.

Waste collection containers

SORIKO Ltd. has trade relations with leading companies for the production of waste containers.
It has a rich container park. Effectively provides with waste containers the territories it serves,
according to the specifics of the areas.
For several years, the company has been working as a supplier of quality waste containers.
The trend is to expand the business by covering new markets.
The company offers a wide range of products:

Dishes for separate collection of waste Plastic and metal containers from 1100lbs Plastic buckets of 80,120,140 and 240lbs Containers of low-density polyethylene
Laminated fiberglass containers Biowaste containers Containers for hazardous waste collection Containers for medical waste Park waste bins
The vessels comply with the established norms and technical
quality requirements and compliance with standards.