Waste collection, cleaning of public areas

Waste collection, cleaning of areas for public use

Cleaning of common areas

Of the core services included in the scope of activity of SORIKO LTD waste collection, waste transportation and cleaning in public areas.
The company has experience in their implementation since 2000.

Through these activities, it contributes and contributes to improving the image of
settlements, reducing and limiting pollution with dust, sand,
domestic, construction, production, large-scale and other waste.

SORIKO Ltd. owns Authorizations under the ZZO for carrying out its main activities.

Waste collection, disposal

The activities are provided with a very good own material and technical base:
modern waste collection vehicles and other specialized equipment, covering ecological category EURO 4, inventory, waste containers, etc. The organization of work is tailored to the experience and technology of leading European companies in the industry, taking into account local specifics.

Our clients are municipalities, companies and citizens, such as: Municipality of Nova Zagora, Municipality of Asenovgrad, Razlog Municipality, Municipality of Tundja, Bulgaria Municipality of Nikolaevo, TPP Maritsa Iztok 2 EAD, Palirria – Bulgaria EAD,
BILLA Bulgaria EOOD, SHEL Bulgaria EAD, KRONOS AD, Bulgaria Edoardo Mirolio EOOD and other industrial and construction companies.